AGILE Project

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The AGILE Project in Physiopedia is the first phase of a collaborative effort from AGILE, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Clinical Interest Group of Physiotherapists working with Older People to engage on line alongside people with similar interests. It had been developed on their behalf by one of their National Project Officers, Bhanu Ramaswamy, based on work assisted and ratified by the group to update their Physiotherapy and Older People: A resource for student and newly qualified physiotherapists booklet (2010).

Where possible, sources of evidence have been highlighted for you to research more, plus the project is divided into sections covering topics such as demographics, theories of ageing, policy, physiology and physiotherapy assessment and management.

As AGILE are a British-based group, you will note a current bias of the project towards the four home nations . During the next phase of the project, AGILE will collaborate through their membership with the Association of International Physical Therapists working with Older People (IPTOP) and engage with the international community to produce a wider reaching audience. This will permit physiotherapists worldwide to explore global issues together to the benefit of the older adult community as well as the profession.

Project Lead

Bhanu Ramaswamy

Project Dates

September 2010 - May 2011

This project has been taken over by the IPTOP Project.