Emginering for Physiotherapist

Enginering For Physiotherapist

Embedded System Programmers

Instrumentation is a science that investigates how electronic circuits work to perform a special task. Instruments are measured to validate if they do specified task properly.

In the history of physiotherapy (before modern schools) there are lost of fake intruments, patent applications and devices which are suggested to contribute healing process of conditions in the field of physiotherapy. There are verly limited scientific fileds where electricty and electronic devices are misused by the charlatans who do not have formal education on medicine or physiotherapy. Especially 18th-19th centruy may be the golden age these fake devices.

Today physiotherapy instrumentation especially focus on match between physiological / kinesiological phenomena, disease or disability (mathematical) models and electronic device capabilities.

Instrumentational (biopatential) amplifiers are devices which increases amplitude of any bio-electrical signal. Most important devices based on instrumentational amplifers in physiotheraphy clinic may be kinesiological surface EMG (sEMG). Analog digital (A/D) converters are also important devices in physiotheraphy clinics. This devices are used to transfer amplified signals to any recorder like PC. Digital analog (D/A) converters or digital puılse width modulators (PWM) are devices to produce artifical bio-electronic signals. Electrotherapeutic signals are generated by these devices and amplifed by MOSFET circuits. PWMs are olso used in driving electric (servo/stepper) motors like in CPM or gait robots.

Servo Motor Demostration for physiotherapy students

Step motor and driver circuit demostration for physiotherapy students

Demostration of Arduino and Processing for balance training


Today scientific archivement in fundametals sciences directly effect physiotheraphy clinic. Hardware of most devices used in physiotheraphy clinic may not improve their capabilities as much as this scientific archivemement. But settings of these devices can be uptadated. In this step physiotherapist have responsibility. This is one important reason why physiotherapy students should learn engineering (instrumentation).

Also elecronic devices that will be used in physiotheraphy clinics should be designed acording to experience of physiotherapist. Why physiotherapist shouldn't be the inventer, designer and producer of their own devices ? This is the second important reason why physiotherapy students should learn enginnerng.

Design of an electromechanical cervical spine patient simulator for physiotheraphy students