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Enablement is a non-profit organisation based in The Netherlands who specialises in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and Disability Inclusive Development (DID). They do not only have the core team but have many international associates who have a variety of backgrounds who form the international team. The aim of the work they do is based on improving the social aspect of people who live with disabilities in low to medium income countries. They try to work on inclusion of those with disabilities and improve their quality of life through promoting access to services in their own community. They do this by focusing their work on training, research and consultancy in these communities. The aim of the work is to work with and improve the links between  academics, government bodies and practitioners.

There are three main areas that Enablement focus:

  • Capacity Development
  • Research
  • Development

 Capacity Development

Enablement works on capacity development through branching out, disseminating and supporting government bodies, communities and other organisations such as the Liliane Foundation. The Liliane Foundation is a non-profit organisation, who works to promote independance and life prospects of children living with a disability in low resourced countries. Enablement has done this through becoming the knowledge centre for the Liliane Foundation; promoting and advocating CBR and DID. Enablement have also designed and implemented long term capacity building programmes for organisations and government bodies.

Part of the role of Enablement is to also develop curriculums for national diplomas in CBR and DID, along with supporting under and post graduate students. The overall aim of this capacity development is to disseminate and promote inclusion, and accessibility of those living with a disability. 


Enablement are also passionate about evidence based research and how this is implemented into realistic life scenarios. They are also responsible for evaluating disability projects and programmes.


The third area Enablement work hard at is development  of educational resources for communities, individuals, therapists and governing bodies. They do this via several different methods including:

  • Online resources
  • On-site training
  • E-modules and Physiopedia pages
  • Publications
  • Flashcards
  • Mobile applications

Who is Involved

There are a wide variety of very experienced people involved with Enablement. Here is the founding director and Reolie Wolting who has worked with Physiopedia on the Enablement Project: 

Huib.JPG Huib Cornielje is the founding director of Enablement. He is a trained physical therapist and has worked for 10 years in various rehabilitation programmes in South Africa. He is also very experience in training and research in Community Based Rehabilitation.
Roelie.jpg Roelie Wolting has recently resigned as coordinator of the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development as she wants to focus her attention and experience in CBR and Paediatric Physiotherapy again. She has also worked in various locations such as Indonesia and Vietnam. This vital experience she has gained has made her a highly valued CBR trainer and consultant.

There are of corse many more highly experienced and valuable associates and members of staff who work for Enablement. To find out more about them follow this link.


Enablement provide online e-learning modules and to help further disseminate their work. Roelie Wolting from Enablement teamed up with Physiopedia to transfer their modules into Physiopedia pages. Take a look at their project page