IPTOP Project



Following on from the AGILE Project the IPTOP Project is the second phase of a collaborative effort from physiotherapists with an interest in Older People to engage online alongside people with similar interests.

This IPTOP project is based on work assisted and ratified by AGILE to update the Older People section of Physiopedia.  Subsequently this section in Physiopedia is being  internationalised by Association of International Physical Therapists working with Older People (IPTOP).  IPTOP is a recognised subgroup of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).  IPTOP representatives Hans Hobbelen (Netherlands), Helen Johnson (Canada), Lisa Dehner (United States), and Jan Tessier (Belgium), led by Bhanu Ramaswamy (United Kingdom) will give these pages a truly international feel ready for the WCPT Congress in Singapore in May 2015. Watch this space…..

The idea of the project is that it will permit physiotherapists worldwide to explore global issues together to the benefit of the older adult community as well as the profession.

Project Lead

Bhanu Ramaswamy

Project Dates

June 2014 - May 2015