Labral Tests of the Hip

Original Editor - Eric Robertson

Top Contributors - Eric Robertson, Rachael Lowe, Kai A. Sigel and Wanda van Niekerk  


Several tests exist to examine the patient's hip for a labral tear. Specific tests are designed to detect tears in different regions of the joint.


Anterior Labral Tear Test[1]

This test is designed to detect tears in the hip labrum on the anterior and medial portions of the hip joint. To perform the test, the examiner places the patient in a supine position and brings the limb into full hip flexion, abduction, and lateral rotation. The limb is then passively moved toward hip extension as the leg is simultaneously adducted and internally rotated. This movement, similar to a hip scour, will ellicit pain or reproduce symptoms in the presence of a labral tear. A positive result is pain, with or without an audible "click".



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