Mobilization with Movement (MWMs)

MWMs: The application of sustained accessory mobilization by a therapist and an active physiological movement by the patient. Passive end-of-range stretching can be applied post-treatment. Mulligan Concept.

Aim- Has hypoalgesic effects, increases joint ROM, enhances muscle function and treats pathology, with evidence supporting its use in tennis elbow, ankle sprains, shoulder impingement and hip and knee OA[1].

AP mobilization with rotation for the GHJ -

MWM for the lumbar spine, sitting - Extension- Superior anterior force on spinous process, assist with extension with hand on anterior shoulder. Flexion- Push superiorly with hook of the pisiform and assist flexion with hand on thoracic back.

MWM for the lumbar spine, extension, supine - two hands around the lumbar spine, compress hands (AP and PA force) patient extends back, assisting by pushing up with his hands. Extension, standing - stabilize with belt, place hand lateral to the lumbar spine, resist patients extension and apply PA force.