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The Project where YOU take responsibility for just one page in Physiopedia.
At the beginning of 2020, Physiopedia has over 3,000 pages and that number is growing daily. As the Physiopedia content grows we are looking for a sustainable way to maintain the best quality content on the site. To do this we would like to invite every physiotherapist and physical therapists in the world to take responsibility for just one page in Physiopedia. Keeping your page updated will take up very little of your time, can be recorded as a continuing education and professional development activity, and will be your altruistic contribution to our global profession.
Imagine if every page in Physiopedia had an owner, always making sure the content was up to date and awesome. Imagine what an amazing resource we will have to educate about physiotherapy / physical therapy and advocate for our profession!

How Will It Work

Physiopedia is a wiki (a collection of web pages) that can be collaboratively edited with no specialist tools and very little technical know-how. As such, Physiopedia is perfectly suited to collaborative authoring and offers a place for physiotherapists and physical therapists all over the world to contribute, share, and gain knowledge. Much of the content has been developed through Content Development Projects that have played a big part in the growth of Physiopedia since it launched in 2009. However, many individuals have also donated their time to add and/or update content to make the Physiopedia website the best knowledge sharing and advocacy resource for our global profession.

In 2020 we are inviting every physiotherapist and physical therapists in the world to help us keep the Physiopedia content awesome and something that we, as a profession, can be proud of. This project will focus on engaging people to take responsibility for one page in Physiopedia, to help us keep the Physiopedia content updated and awesome! You will make regular check-ins with your page to make sure that it looks great, includes all the latest evidence and links to new resources that facilitate knowledge sharing on the topic. After an initial page review and familiarisation with updating your page, we don't expect this responsibility to take more than a couple of hours each month.

Benefits To You

Joining the Physiopedia editing team is a great addition to your professional development and your CV! From this experience, you are likely to gain new profession-related knowledge and also to advance your digital skills. You will also be contributing to your own continuing education and professional development, we can provide evidence to support this (a certificate) and you can add it to your professional portfolio. In addition to all of this, you can feel good knowing that you have contributed to our global profession by playing an important role in building and maintaining the quality of this professional resource for our global profession.

Getting Started

To take part in this project all you will need is access to a computer (you cannot edit Physiopedia on mobile devices) and internet access. Once you have that we will help you with the rest, we are always here to help!

Before you start editing your page there are few things you need to do first:

  1. Choose a page in Physiopedia that you would like to take responsibility for. Look through the list here, use the search which can be found at the top of every page or ask us for help.
  2. You can check if your page is available by looking through the One Page Category! If your page is not listed here then continue to the steps listed below!
  3. Once you have chosen your page, contact the One Page Team (email [email protected]) to confirm that you can take ownership of your chosen page.
  4. You will receive an email back to confirm that you can take ownership of that page, instructions to get started and also an invitation to our Slack group where you can chat to us and others in this project if you wish.

Now you are ready to make your first edits....

Making Your First Edits

  1. Once you have confirmation to go ahead from the team you can get your self set up with an editing account.
  2. Once you have your editing account set up, read the Getting Started tutorial which will help you to start your Physiopedia career. 
  3. Next have a practice at editing the site by creating your own profile page. You should complete this with your professional details as all your contributions to Physiopedia will be credited back to this page. 

Now you are ready to start reviewing your page....

Reviewing Your Page

We have some great pages on Physiopedia but, being a community edited resource, they don’t always meet our high standards. We believe in producing pages that look great, contain quality evidence-based information, and provide links to quality related resources. In reviewing content we respect other people's work but we also know that sometimes the content needs to be changed significantly to respect the latest clinical practice and new evidence.

To help you understand the reviewing process and our expectations for content, you can visit the pages listed below:

Now you are ready to update your page....

Updating Your Page

The hardest update you do will be the first. You should make edits that add and/or update content, references and resources (such as guidelines, images and videos). Check out this help page first, it shows you how easy it is to make edits to a page:

Then you might wish to get into more challenging updates where these tutorials will come in handy:

If it all seems a bit overwhelming don't worry, we will always be here to help you! You can ask questions in Slack at any time or check in with Kim, the Physiopedia Content Manager.

Submit your first update for review

When you are happy with your edited and updated page you can use the content review form to let us know what edits you have made or send a quick message to Kim.

Now you are ready to make a monthly check-in with your page to see that everything is OK...

Monthly Check-In

Set a date in your calendar to check your Physiopedia page. See if anyone else has made any edits - are you happy with them? Do a literature search - is there any new evidence or knowledge to add? Have you come across and new resources that share clinically useful knowledge on the topic - add them! Is there anything else you can do to make your page awesome!?

You can also "watch" your page. This means that any you will be alerted to any edits that are made to your page:

Professional Development Certificate

Once we have reviewed your edits and they meet all the suggested criteria we will send you your professional development certificate.

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