PP0314 - Course Activities

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General structure of the course

Participants will be given 4-6 tasks each week. For example:

  1. Complete 2 to 3 lessons that are part of www.elearnSCI.org – this is freely accessible online training modules.
  2. Look at additional readings, videos and resources.
  3. Contribute to an online discussion run through a closed facebook group.
  4. Design an exercise program using www.physiotherapyexercises.com.

There are also several optional learning activities each week should you wish to further your knowledge once you have completed the required tasks. For example:

  1. Collaborate to create the SCI section of Physiopedia and build an open knowledge resource for our profession.
  2. Links to openly available resources online.

Week by Week

Please note:links to the the details about each week will be activated on this page at the beginning of each week. At this time, an email will also be sent to all participants directing them to the appropriate page.

Week One - Monday 28th April until Sunday 4th May

  • The Health essentials
  • Principles of management

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Week Two - Monday 5th May until Sunday 11th May

  • Assessment
  • Setting Goals
  • Upper limb function
  • Wheelchair mobility

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Week Three - Monday 12th May until Sunday 18th May

  • Bed mobility and transfers
  • Gait: understanding movement

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Week Four - Monday 19th May until Sunday 25th May

  • Strength training
  • Contracture management
  • Motor skils

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Week Five - Monday 26th May until Sunday 1st June

  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Respiratory management
  • Pain management

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