PP06-Case presentation guide



100 word limit, non-structured description

Patient Characteristics (150 - 250 words)

What are your patient characteristics.  Tell us what you know about:

  • Demographic Information (occupation/vocation, gender, age, etc.)
  • Medical diagnosis if applicable
  • Co-morbidities
  • Previous care or treatment

Examination (150 - 250 words)

Tell us your examination findings:

  • Subjective : Patient History and Systems Review (chief complaints, other relevant medical history, prior or current services related to the current episode, patient/family goals)
  • Self Report Outcome Measures
  • Physical Performance Measures
  • Objective : Physical Examination Tests and Measures

The examination should also include ICF Findings:

  • Body Functions and Structures
  • Impairments
  • Activity Limitations
  • Participation Restrictions
  • Environmental Factors

Clinical Hypothesis (50 - 100 words)

What is your clinical evaluation of the patient's main problem.

Intervention (150 - 250 words)

What did you do.

Outcomes (150 - 250 words)

What was the outcome of the intervention.

Discussion (150 - 250 words)

This summary statement should discuss your case, include related findings in the literature, potential impact on clinical practices etc.


You must provide at least 3 references