PP06-Older Person Case Presentation

If you are using this case presentation please also refer to this resource - Older people with amputations

Case Presentation

This 77 year old gentleman is a left below knee amputation secondary to longstanding peripheral vascular disease as a result of Diabetes. He is also diagnosed with congestive heart failure and has supplemental O2. An elective transtibial amputation was performed to meet the goal of pain control and improved quality of life. Unfortunately there was slow healing of the incision related to a fall post-surgery. Fitting of the prosthesis was delayed by several months. He lives with his supportive wife in a raised bungalow with five front steps. He is cognitively intact and aware of the trip hazards posed by O2 tubing. He wishes to be less of a burden for his wife.


What do you think is the most appropriate fitting decision and what is your treatment plan through to discharge? Justify your answer with references from the scientific literature and from the course.

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