PP0615 - Course Activities

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General structure of the course

Participants will be given 4-6 tasks each week. For example:

  1. Complete 2 to 3 reading or learning activities.
  2. Look at additional readings, videos and resources.
  3. Contribute to an online discussion run through a closed facebook group.
  4. Design an exercise program using www.physiotherapyexercises.com.

Week by Week

Please note:links to the the details about each week will be activated on this page at the beginning of each week. At this time, an email will also be sent to all participants directing them to the appropriate page.

Week One - Monday 1st June until Sunday 7th June

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Week Two - Monday 8 June until Sunday 14 June

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Week Three - Monday 15 June until Sunday 21 June

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Week Four - Monday 22 June until Sunday 29 June

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Week Five - Monday 29 June until Sunday 5 July

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Week Six - Monday 6 July until Sunday 12 July

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