PP0615 - Pre-Course Activities

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Pre-Course Activities

These activities must be completed before the course starts.

Joining Instructions

Just in case you didn't get the joining instructions by email, you can see them here'.'

Read the course information

Please make sure that you have thoroughly read through the course information page as this will give you an understanding of the context of this course and what is expected of you during your participation in this course.

Course information

Sign up to the course Facebook group

Make sure that 2 weeks prior to the course, you have signed up to the course Facebook group.  This is where discussions will take place each week in relation to the topics of that week.  You will need to be part of the group so that you can contribute to the discussion.

The Facebook group will be open 2 weeks prior to the course at which time participants will be advised by email to join.

Sign up to the Facebook group here

Complete the pre-course quiz

You should complete the pre-course quiz. Please don’t be put off, this quiz is only being used to establish the existing expertise of the course participants and we don’t expect you to score highly at this point.

Please note, we reserve the right to pool responses to questions in the quiz and use them in reports, presentations or publications to funders, sponsors, conferences, journals or societies. However, your name will not be used and you will not be identifiable.

Go to the Quiz

Reading (optional)


Therapy for Amputees

This is the course textbook which will be available to all participants of the course for FREE for the duration of the course.

Access the book here!

Alternatively you might be interested in keeping your own copy of the book.

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E-book (with discount) will be available soon!