PP0615 - Week One



In case you missed it here is the week one email'.'

Task 1: 

If you haven't already please make sure that you have done the following things before starting on the tasks below:

  1. Sign up to the course Facebook group so that you can contribute to the discussion.
  2. Complete pre-course self-assessment quiz.

Task 2: 

Task 3: 

Task 4: Suggested reading 

Read the following:

Task 5: Discussion 

Go to the Facebook group for all online discussions.

There are 3 main discussion threads for this week. They are:

1. Tell us something about yourself.  You may have already done this as part of the pre-course activities but if you haven't please post a short summary which tells us where you live, whether you are a physiotherapy student or graduate, how much experience you have in Amputees and what you hope to get our of this course.....and one trivial thing about your life if you want (eg. what you like, your favourite movie etc).


Feel free to start your own discussion thread as well. You can post any question or comment related to what you have learnt this week.

Optional: Other Resources and Learning Activities

The following resources are optional for you to read/view but will further expand your knowledge on this week's topics: