PP07 - Course Activities

General structure of the course

Each week we will cover between 2 and 5 different topics on a theme.  Each topic will include 2-5 short learning activities for you to complete. For example:

  1. Read pages from a book or a journal article.
  2. Look at additional videos and resources.
  3. Do a literature search
  4. Contribute to the online discussion.

There are also several optional learning activities each week should you wish to further your knowledge once you have completed the required tasks. For example:

  1. Links to openly available resources online.
  2. Post to your social media platforms

Week by Week

Please note: links to the details for each week will be activated on this page at the beginning of each week. At this time, an email will also be sent to all participants directing them to the appropriate page.

Week One - Monday 4th July

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Key definitions
  • The benefits of physical activity for health
  • Physiological adaptations and physical activity and public health 
  • Patterns and trends 

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Week Two - Monday 11th July

  • Global Issues

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Week Three - Monday 18th July

  • Obesity and diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • COPD
  • Cancer

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Week Four - Monday 25th July

  • Pre and post surgery
  • Pregnancy 
  • MSDs - Osteoperosis/sarcapenia and OA / RA
  • Falls
  • Mental Health

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Week Five - Monday 1st August

  • Sedentary behaviour
  • Motivation to change
  • Starting to exercise
  • Barriers to exercise
  • Contraindications and balancing risk
  • Promoting physical acitivity
  • Interdisciplinary connections 

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Week Six - Monday 8th August

  • Measuring physical activity
  • Technology and the future
  • Leadership and influence

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