PP07 - Pre-Course Activities


Welcome to the Physiotherapy, Exercise and Physical Activity Course. This course will start on Monday 4th July, in the mean time please take your time to run through these precourse activities.

These pre-course activities will help to prepare you for taking part in the course. By completing them you will know that you are ready to participate in the course and have had access to all the pre-course information.

All the activities below must be completed before the course starts.

Watch the welcome video from the course organisers


Please make sure you have registered for the course, you can register here.

Read the course information

Please make sure that you have thoroughly read through the course information page as this will give you an understanding of the context of this course and what is expected of you during your participation in this course.

Sign up for a Physiopedia Plus account

Different to our previous open online courses in Physiopedia, this course will take place in Physiopedia Plus.  Physiopedia Plus is Physiopedia's online learning environment, where you will be able to access the resources and global discussion forum as well as track your learning activities and display them to you in your own personalised learning dashboard.  It will also allow us to perform course assessment and issue completion certificates more effectively.  For the 8 weeks that this course will remain freely accessible you will use a Physiopedia Plus trial account.

Sign up for your account here.

If you already have a Physiopedia Plus account you will be able to access the course as usual.

Once you have signed up for your trial account explore some of the features and familiarise yourself with the learning dashboard where all your learning activities will be recorded.

Read about the Physiopedia Plus Community Culture

This community culture has been developed to foster a professional community of learning among Physiopedia Plus users. It is our shared set of beliefs, expectations and values that influence our individual learning and the ways in which individuals in our community interact with one another and collaborate to achieve common objectives.

Read the Physiopedia Plus Community Culture document

Complete the pre-course questionnaire

We would like to explore whether there is a relationship between engagement with this MOOC and you clinical practice in relation to physical activity promotion. This is part of a research project being lead by Sheffield Hallam University. We will ask you to complete a questionnaire before the course, immediately after and then again 6 months after the course. The questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and is optional. It is entirely optional; if you choose to complete the questionnaire this is what will happen; 

  1. Your responses will be collected by Physiopedia who will remove any identifying features (for example, IP address or email address if you choose to give it).
  2. Your anonymised answers will be passed to Sheffield Hallam University where they will be collated and analysed and the findings will be published by the research team.
  3. Your anonymised data will be preserved and made available for further analysis in the future.

Thank you for helping us with this research project, your input is very much valued!

If you have any concerns about this project or if you need further information please contact Anna Lowe 

Complete the pre course questionnaire here.

Introduce yourself in the discussion forum

It's great to get to know all the participants on the course, there are so many people from many different places, different working contexts and different levels of experience.  Please introduce yourself in the discussion forum, say 'Hi' to your fellow course participants, let them know where you are from, what kind of experience you have and what you hope to get out of this course.

Go to the introductions discussion

Join the conversation on Twitter

There is an active conversation around this course on Twitter, if you'd like to take part in that you can join the conversation by using the #PEPA16 hashtag.

Check out the #PEPA16 conversation

Familiarise yourself with the work of Exercise Works

Exercise Works is a consultancy company that specialises in the strategic, operational and educational planning and delivery aspects of improving physical activity levels: locally, nationally and internationally.  The company advocates for better access, provision, inclusivity, and enjoyment of physical activity in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and for before and after surgery.

Read about Exercise Works here