Parkinson's Disease - Key Evidence and Resources

Original Editor - Bhanu Ramaswamy as part of the APPDE Project

Top Contributors - Laura Ritchie, Wendy Walker, Rachael Lowe, Kim Jackson and Tony Lowe   


Some of the best information pertaining to living with and treating those with Parkinson's Disease can be found through national organisations of the country you live in.


In addition, we recommend the following resources for professionals working with patients with this condition:

  1. European Parkinson’s Disease Association website. 
  2. The European Physiotherapy Guideline provides an extensive reference list of evidence that has informed the document. This can be found from pages 160 – 187 of the main Guideline.
  3. Resources in the form of learning materials and useful technology e.g. Apps, books and DVDs are described on the APPDE Resources website.

There are educational associations to join including:


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