Physiospot Editor


Job Description

Physiospot Editors will write topical posts for Physiospot on the latest physiotherapy and physical therapy related news and research in their assigned clinical interest area.


  • Must have experience of using Wordpress or have a willingness to learn.
  • An understanding of scientific research is desirable.
  • Journalism experience would be a bonus!

Responsible To

The Physiospot Manager


  1. You are expected to write at least 4 articles per month.
  2. At the end of each month you must submit your Activity Report.


Seek topics to write about

Find a recently published piece of research or news from your assigned clinical interest area to write about. Think about these things when choosing:

  1. the topic should interest you
  2. it should be clinically relevant (you will need to use your judgement for this)
  3. think about choosing articles with higher levels of evidence (i.e. clinical guidelines and systematic reviews)
  4. the research should be recent (published in the last couple of months)
  5. news items should be very recent

Write your post

  1. this post should describe the research and highlights the main findings, a bit like an abstract.
  2. the post must contain an image to the post (look on wikimedia commons for a copyright free image)
  3. where approprite add a link to the original article (under the main text)
  4. under this add a link/s to related pages in Physiopedia