Placement education (Clinical education)

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What is placement education and why bother?

On the job learning
Definition and purpose, professional responsibility, benefits to individual educators/teams, students, business and organisations, the wider profession[1]

Models and types of placement supervision

1:1, 1:2, 1:3 etc MDT placements Observational Role emerging

The CSP has prepared this briefing - Ensuring sufficient practice placement capacity for physiotherapy students - in response to indications that the provision of sufficient practice placements for pre-registration physiotherapy students is becoming an increasing challenge in some geographical areas. It seeks to promote a collaborative approach to addressing these challenges and highlights the importance of making the case for supporting student practice education within workforce planning processes.

What is a susscessfull placement experince?

  1. Educator-student relationship [2]
  2. Learning contracts and learning outcomes
  3. Assessment 

Recent Related Research (from Pubmed)

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