Private Hospitals in Ireland

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Dublin Region

  • Blackrock Clinic
  • St. Vincent’s Private Hospital
  • Bon Secours Dublin
  • Mater Private
  • Mount Carmel
  • NorthBrook
  • Hermitage Clinic
  • Beacon Hospital
  • Sports Surgery Clinic

Midlands Region

  • St. Francis Hospital, Ballinderry

Southern Region

  • Bon Secours Cork
  • Bon Secours Tralee
  • Shanakiel Private Hospital Cork

South Eastern Region

  • Auteven Hospital
  • Whitfield Clinic

Mid Western Region

  • Barringtons Hospital, Limerick

Western Region

  • Bon Secours Galway
  • Galway Clinic

North Western Region

  • St Josephs

Northern Ireland

  • North West Independent Hospital
  • All Clear Clinic
  • Hillsborough Private Clinic

You can apply to these hospitals by delivering your CV to the Physiotherapy Manager