Professional Standards in (ICRC) Physiotherapy

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The ICRC 23 PT Standards explained (PTS) are international standards adapted to the humanitarian context. They aim to achieve a threshold standard of quality, as the first step in improving physiotherapy outcomes for service users in ICRC-supported projects[1]

The multiyear project of PT standards development and implementation were initiated in 2014 by Barbara Rau with support of Prof Liz Holey and Anne Binks and numerous physiotherapy colleagues worldwide. Since 2017 the project is led by Cornelia Barth.

This project would have been impossible without the participation of rehabilitation teams and physiotherapy users contributing in numerous ways to its success. The documents on this page are the collective work of many valuable hands and minds.

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The ICRC Physiotherapy Standards[edit | edit source]

The PTS are built around this cycle[link].

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The standards consist of:

  • User/Patient related - Respect, informed consent, confidentiality
  • Therapist (service provider) related - Communication, lifelong learning, professional conduct, quality improvement
  • Procedures (rehab cycle) related - assessment, treatment planning, implementation, evaluation, discharge
  • Service Provision relation - data management, safety and security, Human Resources

Standards for Project cycle vs Rehab cycle ​[edit | edit source]

There are 23 ICRC Physiotherapy standards in total, accompanying the various sequences of the Result Based Management (RBM).

A number of the standards are related to projects, others are related to a rehab cycle.

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