Publications Team

Publications Manager - Lucy Aird

The Latest Editor - Lucy Aird

The Latest MSK Editor - Lucy Aird

The Latest MSK Contributor - Karina Leahy

The Latest Womens Health Editor - Position Open

The Latest Neuro Editor - Position Open

The Latest Paeds Editor - Position Open

The Latest Pain Editor - Position Open


The primary goal of the Publications Team is is to produce The Latest, Physiopedia's email newsletter, and its clinically specific subsidiaries each month.

The Team

The Publications team consists of The Latest Editors all of whom are overseen by the Publications Manager.


Each Month Physiopedia produces several email newsletters:

  • The Latest is our Physiopedia newsletter that goes out once a month to anyone that has subscribed to receive it - Free
    • This contains recent developments on Physiopedia, as well as general Physiotherapy News from Physiospot

  • The Latest MSK is a monthly digest of the most clinically relevant musculoskeletal evidence published in the prior month.  There is a charge for this of £2.50 per month for people who wish to receive it.
    • It contains 6 categories of research articles: 1. Spine; 2. Extremities; 3. Manual Therapy; 4. Sports; 5. Pain;
      6. Technology, and a Special Interest News section from Physiospot

  • The Latest MSK (manual therapy focus) - we also create a version of The Latest MSK that has a manual therapy focus, including additional articles in this area. This is purchased as a member beneft by manual therapy related professional organisations.