UCD Final Year Project: What Next?



Welcome to University College Dublin's final year project.  This project is part of the coursework for the final year Physiotherapy Practice module. It is a problem based learning module aimed at consolidating the professional development of physiotherapists. The aim is for a group of students to design a resource that will be useful and accessible to colleagues for exploration of options post graduation.

Some students chose Physiopedia as a place to publish their new resources.

Project Objectives

  • To produce a novel and engaging resource
  • To produce a resource that would be accessible and attractive to the audience at which it is aimed i.e. new graduate physiotherapists
  • To present useful, contemporary information that would be valuable to physiotherapy colleagues

Course Instructor

Dr. Tara Cusack Dip Physio, M Med Sc., PhD

Project By Year

You can see more about each annual project by following the links below: