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The Department of Physical Therapy is well known for its high standards and excellent faculty. Both our academic faculty and our external faculty are recipients of prestigious teaching awards, providing an excellent learning environment. 

Our graduates are consistently successful on the national physiotherapy competency exam, and frequently achieve scores above the national average. In addition, student participation and feedback in regard to the program and administration is encouraged. Close collaboration with the clinical community and professional bodies ensures that students are able to access high quality clinical fieldwork, as well as being able to participate in professional association and licensing body activities. As well, students have the opportunity to learn from faculty who are involved in diverse research initiatives involving both qualitative and qualitative perspectives.


The University of British Columbia’s Physical Therapy Department includes four degree programs a certificate series and an Internationally Educated Physiotherapy program (IEP) which provides training to assist internationally educated physical therapist for success in completing the Physiotherapy Competency Examination.


Our Masters of Physical Therapy program (MPT) is our professional entry level program training the next generation of clinicians. Physical therapists specialize in the assessment and treatment related to movement. 

The Department also offers training for the research oriented student enabling students to acquire Masters of Science (MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees as well as receive post-doctoral training. Faculty supervision is of the highest quality and provided by internationally recognized experts in several fields from neuroscience, orthopaedics, cancer, knowledge translation and others.

The online Master of Rehabilitation Science (MRSc) is designed for working health professionals and to enhance interdisciplinary practice. Unlike traditional thesis-based research master’s programs, the MRSc is a combination of courses and a work- or practice-based research project. The MRSc allows you to obtain a master’s degree without interrupting your work.

Also offered online is the Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation. This program is targeted to working health professionals and is delivered entirely online. The program consists of five courses that give participants the opportunity to develop the essential knowledge and skills required for best practice in rehabilitation. Some learners who are not sure about taking a full master’s program will try one of these courses first and most continue on to do the online Master of Rehabilitation Science. These courses may also assist internationally educated therapists meeting certain educational standards required by the Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators.


The Department of Physical Therapy has faculty members with expertise in each key area of PT practice. In particular, it is known for its research strength in Neurology and Neuroscience. Specifically, the Department is home to numerous researchers who are recognized as world leaders in the Neurological sciences and Neurorehabilitation. Their studies span the full continuum, from basic science to clinically focused research and then to knowledge implementation. Their efforts have led to the development of methods and programs that have advanced practice locally, nationally and internationally.

Emerging strength in cardiopulmonary function and musculoskeletal disorders round out the core pillars of excellence within the department. Faculty expertise also includes interprofessional practice and teaching as well as exercise and lifestyle effects on people with chronic conditions. Together, with our established expertise in Neurologic rehabilitation the department is well positioned to confront the highly competitive research environment.

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