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Alan Taylor, MSc MCSP is a full time lecturer at the University of Nottingham and Associate lecturer at Hertford University.

He convenes the ‘Musculoskeletal Disorders & Diseases’ & 'Therapeutic Studies' UG modules and the ‘Advanced Practice Physiotherapy’ MSc module.

His Masters degree was in Sports injury and Therapy and investigated blood flow problems in elite athletes.

He contributes to Sports Medicine & Injury and the postgraduate program for Manual Therapy & is a key contributor to the new 'Sports Rehabilitation & Exercise Science' BSc at the UoN.

He is a former professional cyclist and rode the ‘Tour of Britain’ in 1988. Specialist interest in sport, manual therapy and clinical reasoning with a particular emphasis on vascular issues, haemodynamics and risk assessment in the cervical spine.

He has written 3 book chapters, over 20 peer reviewed articles and lectures World-wide.

Member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine and the Medico-Legal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists.

Expert witness - for cases involving altered haemodynamics and clinical negligence

Specialties: Physiotherapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation, sports injury, sports medicine, manual therapy, haemodynamics, risk, neuromusculoskeletal, sports medicine, clinical reasoning, academic writing, medico-legal

Website/Blog - Twitter @Tayloralanj


Alan J Taylor

About Me

Lecturer - University of Nottingham, Physiotherapist, researcher, haemodynamics, Cx spine, clinical reasoning, education, EBM.

Journalist (No Depression Blog, Maverick-UK)

Writer (songs, blogs)

Cycling - Ex-professional cyclist. 'Tour of Britain' rider (1988)



MCSP (Nottingham)

MSc (Manchester)

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