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I qualified as a physiotherapist in the UK in 1980, and worked as a clinical physiotherapist in the Royal Navy until 1989. I then worked in the NHS, in acute medicine and rehabilitation, mainly within cardio-respiratory care, neurology, falls in older people, and cardiac rehabilitation. In the mid 1990's I moved to a senior lecturer-practitioner post and then in the early 2000's moved to academia 'full-time'. My research and research interest has been mainly linked to pedagogy and curriculum development not just within physiotherapy but also interprofessional education. The topic of curriculum design formed the subject for my PhD. In addition I have been involved with other Universities in the British Isles as an External Examiner, and also enjoyed involvement with some international collaborative ventures both through Northumbria University, and others notably in Malaysia and Greece. As well as my academic role related to physiotherapy education, part of my current role involves a Faculty responsibility in the development, approval and review of programmes. I am also currently involved as an educational representative with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), having previously been involved with Education Committees, and Educational Award Panels with the CSP.


John Stephens

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