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Physical Therapy is a multifaceted profession. The primary goal is to help individuals achieve desired outcomes to improve their overall quality of life. Several different settings included are pediatric, stroke, brain injury, burns, bariatrics, hospital, outpatient, manual outpatient clinics, long term facilities, or schools all achieve to educate their patients and apply the knowledge obtained to enhance the functional outcomes of the individuals in each setting. My personal interest has grown since my own sports injury while playing soccer. Although not severe it exposed me to a world of learning. I have continued to expand my knowledge base while working in other professions to meet this goal. Working as a PTA since 2002, I have been fortunate to become an integral part of patient care and interaction with patients at a manual based orthopedic private practice. The practice which I currently work for supports the progression of the profession into an Autonomous Practice as well as the Direct Access to individuals. Traits that are required to work in physical therapy are the ability to communicate, strong work ethic, empathy for the patient, high intellect, and dedication to continuing to enhance your skills in the desired field you wish to work in. I feel that my DPT education at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY is the next step in my level of commitment to my profession and will enable me the experience to enhance the quality of care I can provide to patients while also advancing my education base.


BELLARMINE UNIVERSITY 2008-2010 Louisville, KY
Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Bachelors of Science
Major: Health and Human Performance

Associates of Applied Science
Major: Physical Therapist Assistant

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