Working in New Zealand/Australia

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Physiotherapy in New Zealand

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National Physiotherapy Body of New Zealand

New Zealand Registration Process

The appication process takes 4-6 weeks and comes in 9 parts

  • Application guidance notes
  • Application form
  • Checklist
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Competency templates
  • CV template
  • Reflective statement template
  • Validation of work history form
  • Confirmation of fitness to practice form

Useful Links

  • The Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand was constituted by the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCA Act). The principal purpose of the HPCA Act is to protect the health and safety of members of the public by providing for mechanisms to ensure that health practitioners are competent and fit to practice their profession. 
  • Physiobob (forum about New Zealand registration process)

Immigration Information for New Zealand

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Physiotherapy in Australia

Australian Physiotherapy Association

Australian Registration Process

Application Process can take approximately 9 months and involves the following steps:

  • Initial Assessment
    • Fill out Australian Physiotherapy Council Application Form
    • Copy of passport, graduation certificate, official result transcript/statement, photograph and evidence of meeting the English language requirement
    • Receive reply within two weeks
  • Written assessment
    • Held in various venues around the world
    • 1st week of March and September
    • Multiple choice questions
  • Clinical Assessment
    • Only completed in Australia
    • Clinical examination in cardiorespiratory, neurology and musculoskeletal patients

Useful Links

Australian Physiotherapy Council

Physiobob (forum about Australian registration process)

SEEK (Job Site in Australia’s)

Health Staff Recruitment (Recruitment agency)

RSG Australia (Recruitment Agency)

Aussie Locum

Immigration Information for Australia

Australian Government – Department of Immigration and Citizenship