YouTube Channels and Other Video Sources

Original Editor - Laura Ritchie

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This page provides links to useful YouTube channels where you can find additional information on various topics of interest.

Professional Organisations

Left to right; (1) Charted Society of Physiotherapy (2) Australian Physiotherapy Association (3) Physiotherapy New Zealand (4) American Physical Therapy Association

Physiotherapists and Clinics

Left to right; (1) Physical Therapy Nation (2) Margarent Martin (3) MoveForwardPT (4) Famous PTs (5) Ask Doctor Jo (6) Greg Lehman

Anatomy and Physiology

Left to right; (1) Anatomy Zone (2) Physiology Zone (3) Ken Hub (4) Primal Pictures (5) The Salmonella Place (6) Khan Academy Medicine (7) Armando Hasudungan (8) Brainman (9) Clinical Physio

Academic Bodies and Evidence-Based Practice

Left to right; (1) British Journal of Sports Medicine (2) Centre of Evidence Based Medicine (3) Cochrane Libray (4) Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (5) Physiopedia (6) Physiotherapy Evidence Database (7) The Physio Matters Podcast