Physiopedia is Wikipedia for the Physiotherapy profession!

We are a UK based charity that provides the global Physiotherapy and Physical
profession with a continually updated knowledge resource.
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Our living, community-edited page is now the largest Physiotherapy website in the world - the site currently gets over 2 million visits monthly from all over the world!

In addition to providing this collaborative online textbook, Physiopedia also provides free online courses. These courses give opportunity for accessible education and professional development all around the globe!

Something we're doing seems to be working with over 14,000 registrations from 179 countries in 2016 for our managing children with cerebral palsy course!

There are many ways that you can contribute to this community effort to share physiotherapy knowledge to everyone, everywhere:

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The Physiopedia Story

In 2007 the e-learning community was going mad for wiki's and it was at an e-learning conference that Rachael was inspired to build a 'Wikipedia for the physiotherapy profession'.

"Wouldn't it be great if all physiotherapists around the world were constantly creating and updating content to build one constantly evolving online textbook for our profession".

In 2008, with no particular plan, Rachael and Tony set about implementing this. The project launched in January 2009 with only three pages of content (that Rachael had written herself). It wasn't long after the launch that universities around the world started engaging their students to contribute content to grow the resource. These days, individual Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists from all areas of the profession are taking part in building what is now the largest Physiotherapy website in the world.

"We've proved that Physiopedia is a resource valued by our profession so we invite members of this profession to help us make it a sustainable project for the future".

Physiopedia is the largest community driven project for our profession and everyone is invited to get involved. Keeping Physiopedia non-commercial and finding a sustainable way to continue the growing this vision is important to us. Partnerships with educational institutions, professional organisations and NGOs are highly valued for their contributions to content and financial support.

In 2014, the growing successes of Physiopedia lead us to the idea of introducing a premium option - Physiopedia Plus. Physiopedia Plus is a premium content area in exchange for a modest annual contribution. The platform contains a variety of online courses, learning activities and resources and provides an interactive personalised learning environment. The subscription income from this service contributes to the sustainability of the Physiopedia charity.


To improve global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge.


We aspire to gather the sum of all Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy knowledge and make this freely available to all.

Everyone has knowledge to share, so let's not hide it - let's share it! All Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists are invited to participate in this project to build a continually evolving, evidenced-based resource that is openly accessible to all across the world. Through this collaborative effort, we aim to be the leading independent resource for the Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy profession.

We aim to foster collaboration to empower the global Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy profession.

As a wiki, Physiopedia allows collaborative group authoring and can be edited by anyone with credentials within the Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy community. With this opportunity, we invite all of you to work together in contributing to build the best physiotherapy resource accessible online!

We strive to involve every Physiotherapist and Physical Therapist in the world. 

Technology allows us to do amazing things! With our innovative and bespoke online platform we aim to grow the Physiopedia project to incorporate therapists in every corner of the world.

We will continually better patient care and make a positive contribution to global health.

Physiopedia is dedicated to not only providing knowledge but also advancing the knowledge of all professionals involved with the project. This translates to an increased exposure to evidence based practices and in turn, improved patient care. This is our contribution to improving global health.

We continue to promote the profession among the wider health care community and the public on a global scale.

Physiopedia has the opportunity to promote the value and expertise of our profession to other health care professionals and also to educate the public on how we can help them.  As a knowledge resource developed by our international community it represents a global voice.

We will make a difference! We invite you to join us.

Strategic Plan

Detailed objectives are set to deliver against these goals in a strategic plan that is reviewed every two year period. The objectives are decided by the Trustees with priorities and aims incorporated from the Advisory Council.