Physiopedia:Getting started

Welcome to Physiopedia!

Thank you for joining this community effort to provide a credible knowledge resource for our global Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy profession. We welcome you to the team!

Community Culture

Before you do anything else check out our Community Culture.

Set up your profile page

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To begin your career as a Physiopedia Editor you will first want to fill out your profile page so that all your edits can be credited to you. Once you are logged in your profile page can be accessed from the drop down menu under Tools in the navigation bar. Click on your name to go to your profile page.

Check out the Editing Profile tutorial.

Once you have updated your profile page you can feel confident that any contribution you make to Physiopedia will be credited back to your own profile page.

Start editing pages

Now you are ready to get to improving the content of Physiopedia!! Take your time to explore the existing pages and wherever you have a contribution to make, go ahead and edit that page. Typical contributions include corrections (e.g. to spelling and formatting), improving (e.g. to the content of a page) or updating (e.g. adding new evidence).

Check out the Editing tutorial

As you gain more confidence and want to make more significant contributions such as adding images and videos you may wish to check out the other user tutorials.

Get more involved

If you enjoy editing Physiopedia and would like to get more involved:

  1. We would welcome you on to the official Volunteer team.
  2. You could join the One Page Project.
  3. You might consider setting up a Project with your colleagues, staff or members.