Physiopedia MOOC FAQ's


Pre-Course Questions

I wish to take part in this course but am on holiday/out of the country/out of Internet coverage for 2 of the weeks. Can I still take part in the course?

Yes of course.  We recommend that you miss no more than 2 weeks as otherwise it will be difficult for you to catch up.  It is important that you take part in all the discussions as a lot of the learning will take place there.  You will also need to complete all the tasks for each week to obtain your certificate of completion.  

Is it possible to complete the course in less than 4 weeks or is the content split on a weekly basis?

No, I am sorry but this is not possible as the course content will be released at the beginning of each week.  It is possible for you to complete the course as a self directed learning experience as a Physioplus member after the free course is complete.

I am not currently practicing as a physiotherapist, is it possible for me to complete this course?

Of course, this is no problem, everyone is welcome!

I am interested by the course on but I am afraid about the english skills that would slow down the learning process.

The course is mostly compiled of reading and the discussion forum so you can work through the reading at your own pace and contribute to the discussion forums where you feel comfortable. We are expecting people from over 100 countries, there will be many in the same position as you so please don't worry.  If you find it too difficult there is no requirement to complete the course, you can leave if you are finding it too much.

I am unsure if I am able to commit the time for the dates of this course but am wondering if there will be others later in the year or next year?

This course and many others are always available on Physioplus for you to work through at any time on your own.  

Is there a specific time that I need to be online?

No.  You can complete the tasks each week in your own time that suits you.  There is no requirement to be online at a specific time.

I don't have very good internet speed, will that be a problem?   

In order to accommodate all internet bandwidth scenarios there are no presentations or webinars that you are required to view. Most of the learning activities are reading related and in the discussion forum.  There are some YouTube videos that it will be helpful if you can watch.

Is it possible to sent me a copy of the course after it has ended?

The course will be available to access on Physioplus for all full members after the course has ended.  You are welcome to work through the course and use all the resources at any time.  The course is not available in paper format.  

Will any audio lectures/exams/assessment be used as I am deaf and rely on lip reading skills primarily.

There are some videos which are only used for informal interviews with topic specialists, if you have problems with these please contact us and we will provide you with an alternative.

During Course Questions

I have just found out about this course, is it still possible to register

Yes, you can sign up at any time but please bear in mind that the course will not be available for free after the final date that is publicised on the course page. However, it will always be available to access for full Physioplus members.

I enrolled for the course but I have missed out of the two weeks course work could you please help me out.

You are welcome to login and catch up at any time.

I am not receiving or having trouble opening the course emails

There is no need for you to open the emails, you can directly access the course in Physioplus.

I registered for the course before the closing date but I have received any of the course emails

If you registered for the course before the closing date and completed the registration form correctly we will have you on the register.  There are several reasons why you may not be receiving the emails:

  1. The emails are in your spam folder or in the case of Gmail they might be in your All Mail folder. Please check!
  2. You didn't complete the submission of the registration form.
  3. You didn't provide your email address when asked to on the registration form.
  4. You provided an incorrect email address on the registration form.
  5. Your email service is blocking our emails.

If you still can't find the emails please contact us to check that you are registered.

I am registered for the course but my internet connection is so bad that I am having problems keeping up. Is it possible to have an extension or do the course at a later date?

I am afraid that we can't give extensions for the the period when the course is available for free, but you are welcome to try and catch up!  If you would prefer to work at your own pace feel free to sign up for a full Physioplus account to work through the resources in your own time as you wish.

I am no longer able to complete the course what should I do

This is no problem. We will leave you on the email list so that you can keep updated on what is going on at Physiopedia but if you no longer wish to receive the emails please click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of the emails.

Technical Questions Relating to Physioplus

I can't access the course!

This course is hosted on Physioplus and you need to have registered and be logged into a Trial account or a Full member's account on this site to access it.

I can't access the course when I follow the link in the course email

As noted above you need to log in to your Physioplus account to access the course. When you click on a link in an email to enter the course you may also need to login! Please also ensure you view the course in a full browser when following a link from an email rather than in an email preview. This is particularly an issue when using a mobile device.

My course activities are not being logged on Physioplus

As you progress through the course and click on the course links to view resources, your Physioplus activity log will be automatically populated with entries for each activity. If you have any problems with this please leave a message in the Technical Help discussion that is linked to in the course.

My progress through the course is not being recorded

When you click on a link in a course this activity should automatically be recorded in your Physioplus activity log. You can view this log on your Physioplus dashboard within the My activity log block or click the View all link at the bottom of the My activity log block to view your entire activity log in a searchable table. If your activity is not being recorded make sure you are still logged in by refreshing the course page. It is also possible that there could be a technical issue preventing the recording of your activities. In this case try an up to date web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari.

I can't reply to a topic in the forum

This is an issue which seems to affect some devices and browsers. Please try a different device and / or browser to participate in the forum. If you do have this problem it would be very helpful to know the details of the device and browser you are using as we have been unable to identify the cause of this problem.

I passed a quiz but my score was not recorded!

This is a very usual scenario which is probably due to your internet connection breaking between your starting and finishing the quiz. Unfortunately you will need to refresh the quiz page and then do the quiz again. It this happens a second time there will probably be a problem with the device or browser you are using to view and take the quiz as this will be due to a javascript compatibility error. Please try again using a laptop or computer and a modern internet browser such as Google Chrome.

I want to change the name displayed on my Physioplus certificates

The Physioplus site uses a user profile setting called your Display Name for display on certificates and also as the name presented in the forum. To change this setting click on My account and then on Edit profile in Physioplus. Update all the name entry fields, select the appropriate display name and Update your new profile settings. View these instructions on Physioplus with screenshots.

I can't find / download my quiz certificates

Each quiz you pass on the Physioplus site allows you to download a related certificate. To access these certificates click on the Quizzes link and then search the table of quizzes to find the related certificate download button. One easy way to do this is to reorder the table of quizzes by the certificates column. Clicking on the certificate download button should open a PDF file of your certificate which can be printed or saved. When using a mobile device you may need to have a PDF reading app installed to access this certificate.

I have passed 3 quizzes but only have one quiz badge on my dashboard

Badges are awarded for completing set numbers of different activities. You will be awarded separate quiz badges when you pass 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 quizzes.

A resource or video is not available to me because of my geographical location

We are based in France and are developing the course with collaborators in several international locations and so all our course testing is based on those locations that are available to us. Its impossible to tell if there are other geographic restrictions on the content we are linking to and embedding as we only see what we can see in these locations and can't test from other geographic locations. So unfortunately the only time we become aware of these issues is when a participant identifies a problem. If the activity is optional we suggest Googling the details to see if you can find link to see the same or similar information. If it is a required course activity please get in touch so we can help find a suitable alternative.

How do I know if I have done all the required course activities?

At the top of the course page is a progress summary box which displays a progress bar. This progress relates to the required activities for the entire 6 week course so as you complete each week you will add approximately 15% to this progress bar. You can easily view which activities you have logged as completed and those that are outstanding by clicking the View details link in this progress box.

Can I download a copy of the course to complete offline?

In general no. Some of the resources that make up the course can be downloaded but many resources can't and will require you to be on a computer or digital device and also be connected to the internet. For some resources the restrictions on downloading and printing are due to the copyright limitations required by the resource provider.

End of Course Questions

Where can I get my certificate

You will be provided with a link to download your certificate at the end of the course. This link will be provided in the courses table on the Physioplus Learn page and also at the top of the course page within the Progress summary box.

The word count in the final assignment is too short I cannot fit my work into it.

The word count has been kept short for two reasons. Firstly, we are trying to encourage you to summarise your work and be succinct, this is a key skill for delivering effective patient summaries in interdisciplinary case meetings. Secondly, we do not have the time to read through thousands of long assignments

Can the final assignment be completed as a group?

No. The final assignment is supposed to be a reflection on your individual learning. Everyone must submit their own unique final assignment.

I didn't get an email confirmation when I completed the Quiz.

There is no email confirmation for completing the quiz, if you have submitted them then we have them in our records. There is an email confirmation of receipt for the final assignment and the evaluation form.

I have submitted everything that I need to do, can you confirm that you have received it all.

No, I am sorry but we do not have the resources to check through everyone's individual submissions. You can check this yourself on your personalised learning dashboard.