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I graduated from completing a Physiotherapy (MSc) Pre-registration course in September 2018 from Kings College University of London. I am currently about to start a Band 5 rotation job at St Thomas hospital in London. I also work part time for a private physio company (R&D Physio), where I work 4-5 hours per week.

My undergraduate degree was in Biomedical Science, at this time I was contemplating whether I be a scientist or Doctor, The though of a physiotherapist hadn't even crosses my mind. I thought of physiotherapy as a job for very sporty and fit people which at the time I wasn't. After my undergraduate degree, I started working as healthcare assistant, during this time I became very aware that I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare as i enjoyed helping people and studying the human body. I was also going through a period where I was losing weight and getting into exercise and dancing (particularly Hip-pop and break-dancing). This taught me the value of exercise and how it can impact someone life for the better. Meanwhile, whilst working as a healthcare assistant, I was also able to see how much of an impact a physiotherapist has on patients and it was much more than I had ever imagined. I began to love how much rapport they built with patients and the holistic impact they had to help empower patients.Following this I worked as a physiotherapist assistant which solidified my desire to be a physiotherapist.

During University my favourite topic was Neurology and MSK, I was very lucky to get two placements in Paediatric Neurology and Paediatric Rheumatology at Great Ormond Street, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Both these experience have made me consider specialising in paediatrics in the future, although it is still early days.

In addition to Physiotherapy, I also do Mindset Empowerment Coaching where I work with individuals helping them to overcome their limiting beliefs so they can achieve their goals and over come fears and anxieties they have. I initially dd the coaching course for myself to help overcome anxiety I had but quickly realised that I enjoyed helping people and that this was very useful tool that could be used in conjunction with Physiotherapy.

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1) Physiotherapy MSc (Pre-registration) (2018)

2) Certified NLP practitioner and Professional Coaching Skills Training (2017)

3) Certified FRC mobility specialist (FRCms) (2017)

4) Personal Trainer Level 2 and 3

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Health Professions Council, UK - member

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, UK - member

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