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A Little About Me...


I am from the UK but since 2005 I have been working in private practice in St Lucia, a small island in the Caribbean. In the UK I specialised in Neuro and Rehabilitation which are skills I have brought to my work in private practice. I also use the same skills when working with musculoskeletal conditions and sports; I have a passion for analysing biomechanics to improve performance and prevent injuries.

I am the Content Manager for Physiopedia and also write a weekly column for a national newspaper, in St Lucia, to educate and inform the public on general health and well-being.

What I Do For Physiopedia

Before I explain what I do I have to say I have the best job in Physiopedia, there is always something to do and new things to learn. When I took on the role of Content Manager I was not quite sure what to expect, and that has not changed, it is a job that is ever evolving and has no end. Every week I look through pages to check for errors, ensure that they are formatted correctly and make sure they belong to a category. I also activate new editing accounts and answer page queries.

Physiopedia Awards

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I graduated from the School of OPT, University of East Anglia, in 2002 with a BSc (hons)

==Professional Affiliations==I a member of the Allied Health Council of St Lucia and a member of the Physiotherapy Association of St Lucia                                                


I have not written any professional articles for journals but recently wrote an assignment on Neck Pain that was published in physiospot and I also write a weekly column for a National St Lucian Newspaper.

Where You Can Find Me

You can find me on LinkedIn or at (currently under construction¬†:( should be up and running soon). I can also be reached at [email protected]