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I am a registered physiotherapist currently working in Australia in aged care. Prior to this I worked in New Zealand in a range of settings: public hospitals and private aged care facilities. From early on in my career I have enjoyed helping people optimise their functional ability for the goals they are working towards. In particular, I enjoy rehabilitation with older adults, especially following amputation. I was fortunate to be mentored by Debbie Hockley who generously shared her time, knowledge and skills with me.

I also find the psychological aspect of rehabilitation interesting. I think factors such as motivation, self-efficacy and resilience are sometimes overlooked in clinical care in favour of more visible physical issues yet they have a huge impact on the outcomes physiotherapists achieve with clients.

Here on Physiopedia, I am the Older Persons Section Manager.


I completed both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees through the University of Otago in beautiful New Zealand.

I hold a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree (2006) and a Master of Health Science degree endorsed in Rehabilitation (2014).


Lopez, L., Graham, F., Bell, E. & Hay, E.J.C. (2017). The lived experience of older adults' adjustment to amputation in the context of wheelchair use.New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy, 45(2), p67-74.

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