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About Me

I received my undergraduate education at Cairo university and spent the internship year at the university's teaching hospitals, where I moved between intensive care, emergency, orthopedic, neurology, and pediatrics departments.

Then I moved between different clinical settings, gaining experience in neurological rehabilitation, Chest and cardio physiotherapy. After that I focused the scope of practice on MSK and orthopedic physiotherapy and worked as a fitness trainer for sometime. I currently work in a public health care center in Cairo. In addition to the typical physiotherapy services, I'm always keen on educating my patients and I believe this is the core of our practice.

I am also a master student at Cairo University. Chronic pain management, cognitive behavioral therapy, gait, motor learning and biomechanics are among my interests.

When I am not doing physio-related work, I practice yoga, hit the gym, play chess, read nonfiction, bake or write.

Physiopedia Badges

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Bachelor of  physical therapy Cairo university 2012.

ISSA certified fitness trainer 2012. 

Orthopedic physiotherapy master, Cairo University. (2016-present)

Professional Affiliations

The Egyptian Physical Therapy Syndicate