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Hi, my name is Nick Goulooze and I am a first year physical therapy student at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky. I am originally from West Michigan and obtained my Bachelor's degree in exercise science from Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Physical therapy is a field that fascinates me and I am excited to see how much I can learn in the next three years.


Nicholas Gene Goulooze

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I've lived in West Michigan for the majority of my life but I also lived in Medina, Ohio for about four years.  Ever since a young age, sports and physical activity have played a big role in my life.  My interest in physical activity all throughout life has inspired me to want to pursue physical therapy as a profession.  In my opinion, having an understanding of the human body is some of the best knowledge one can possess.  I am also very passionate towards people and helping others.  Physical therapy will give me the opportunity to reach out to others and impact lives.  Overtime, I hope to continue my education and possibly become a back/spinal column specialist.  I am interested in someday opening up a private practice and also teaching at the graduate level.  

My hobbies include working out, studying, napping, playing instruments (guitar and drums), be with friends, and I love to eat.  Snowboarding is also a big hobby of mine during the winter time.  I played four years of college football at Hope College in Holland, Michigan and I was an active member of the Emersonian Fraternity for three years.  My father works as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch and my mother is a fourth grade teacher.  I have one older sister who lives in Tennessee and is also a teacher.  I am also very strong in my faith and God plays a big role in my life.      


BA Exercise Science, Hope College, 2010

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Bellarmine University DPT student, class of 2013

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