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I am a highly passionate physiotherapist, I believe in movement health and injury prevention with exercising, If people take care of the health of their body like taking care of their tooth in a daily basis this can really change people's lives.

Noha Mohamed Abdelhafez Dahy

About Me

I am graduated physiotherapist 2015 Cairo university, Egypt. I work as an orthopedic physiotherapist in a private hospital. I am keen in re educating people about their posture and movement health, I work mostly with athletes like swimmers, tennis and basketball players. I analyse their movement faults and correct it with different exercise. I also work with post operative cases according to their surgical protocol. I really love my job and I think it changes people's lives in many aspects, Going to physiotherapist is a new thing in my country but I feel extremely glad when a patient do a physiotherapy session for the first time and feel so impressed as all his problem has been solved with the easiest and simplest way ever, this is the most amazing thing in our work.


Bachelor degree from Faculty of Physical Therapy Cairo University 2015 finished 4 levels of 6 to become a certified kinetic therapist

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