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I have recently ( 2018) done my Bachelor in physiotherapy from Kathmandu University School of Medical sciences. I have completed my 6 months internship from Dhulikhel Hospital.During our bachelor course,i have done a thesis with my supervisor on the topic " Prevalence of behavioral problem among preschoolers using SDQ "


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Redisha Jakibanjar

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I qualified my bachelor in physiotherapy from Kathmandu University School of medical sciences in 2018. During our clinical placement, we have been exposed to various clinical settings and patients.

I am now working as i physiotherapist in a rehab setting for neurological patients. still i feel like i have to learn more in my life because learning is a never ending process.

I believe that change is in our hand and being a physiotherapist, we have to utilize the recent evidence and help people to improve their standard of living and increase their quality of life.

i feel so lucky to be a part of physiopedia because during our study, we have learnt a lot from the physiopedia and i feel like i am helping the future generation of physiotherapy students to increase their knowledge.


Bachelor in Physiotherapy from Kathmandu University School Of Medical Sciences.[1]

Professional Affiliations

Nepal Physiotherapy Association [2]- student member


Thesis on topic "prevalence of behavioral problem among preschoolers in Bhaktapur using SDQ"