Anterior Sacroiliac Ligament

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Anterior sacroiliac ligament

Anterior sacroiliac ligament (ASL) or capsular ligament, forms of numerous thin bands of connective tissues,  forming a strong broad ligament, that connect to the anterior and inferior margin of the capsule. It is rich with innervation and nociceptive fibers so maybe a source of pain sometimes


It attaches from the lateral side of the sacrumaanteriorlynd pelvic brim to the auricular of the ilium. covering the anterior surface of the SIJ.


Limiting sacral nutation. 

Clinical relevance

It is associated with sacroiliitis

It is located close to the trunk of the lumbosacral plexus(especially fibers from L4–L5) and to the obturator nerve.

Leakage of fluid to the surrounding structures at the site of the anterior capsule may happen because it is a relatively thin capsule[1].


Provocation tests of sacroiliac joint that stress the anterior SIJ ligaments:

Anterior gapping test/sacroiliac distraction test.

Yeoman's test.


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