Registration Process

  • Bachelor degree in physiotherapy from accredited institution required
  •  Minimum 2 years physiotherapy work experience required
  • Senior physiotherapists require minimum 7 years work experience, or 5 years with a Masters degree 
  • Apply for professional licensure via the Dubai Health Authority online 
  • Dubai Health Authority assessment must be completed – Computer based exam, may be performed in England (London and Manchester)


  • Bachelor degree in physiotherapy
  • Proof of work experience (minimum 2 years)
  • Licence to practice – obtained through the Dubai Health Authority online
  • Completed Dubai Health Authority assessment (An online application for professional licensure must be completed in order to book an exam)
  • Certificate of good standing – application may be filled in through the Dubai Health Authority online
  • Sponsorship is required to work in Dubai – a hospital may act as a sponsor once employment has been gained
  • Dubai working visa

Job Opportunities

Many job opportunities currently available both public and private, however, minimum 2 years experience required for licensing.

Useful Websites