Longissimus Thoracis

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Longissimus Thoracis belongs to the intermediate column of the Sacrospinalis group of muscles.[1]

longissimus thoracis


The common broad, thick tendon with Iliocostalis Lumborum, fibers from the transverse and mamillary processes of the lumbar vertebrae and lumbrosacral aponeurosis[2]


The tips of transverse process of all thoracic vertebrae and the lower 9 or 10 ribs between the tubercles and angles [2]

Nerve Supply

Dorsal rami of thoracic and lumbar spinal nerves (T7 to L5) [3]

Blood Supply

Dorsal branches of the posterior intercostal arteries from the thoracic aorta. [3]


  • acting unilaterally, extension of vertebral column and flexion to the same side
  • acting bilaterally, extension and hyperextension of vertebral column[2]


Draws ribs down to help with breathing[3] 


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