Longus Capitis

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Musculus longus capitis is one of the four deep cervical flexor muscles (AKA anterior cervical muscles) together with Longus Cervicis (longus colli), Rectus Capitis Anterior and Rectus Capitis Lateralis [1]

Longus capitis.png


anterior tubercles of transverse processes of C3–C6 vertebrae [2]


inferior surfaces of the basilar portion of the occipital bone.[2]

Nerve Supply

muscular branches of C1 – C4[2]

Blood Supply

Muscular branches of the ascending cervical artery. [3]


acting bilaterally: flexion of the cervical vertebrae and head;
acting unilaterally: rotation and lateral flexion of the cervical vertebrae and head to the same side  [2]


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