Obliquus Capitis Inferior

Original Editor - Evan Thomas

Lead Editors - Evan Thomas, Tarina van der Stockt and Kim Jackson  


Obliquus Capitis Inferior (also known as the Inferior Oblique) is a small muscle that runs posteriorly and inferomedially from C1 to C2. It is situated under the deep cervical vein and comprises the inferior boarder of the suboccipital triangle.[1] It is the only suboccipital muscle that does not attach to the skull.[2]



Base of spinous process and adjoining lamina of the axis.[3]


Along the inferior aspect of the tip of the transverse process of the atlas.[3]

Nerve Supply

Suboccipital nerve or dorsal ramus of cervical spinal nerve (C1).[3]

Blood Supply

Vertebral artery and the deep descending branch of the occipital artery.[3]


Ipsilateral rotation of the atlantoaxial joint.[1]

Trigger Point Referral Pattern[2]



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