PP02 - Week One

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This week you are going to meet your colleagues on this course, explore the Physiopedia Project, create your own profile page in Physiopedia and share your first volunteer experiences.

Before You Start This Course

Before you start the week one activities be sure that you have completed the pre-course activities.

Next take a quick look at this welcome video by Rachael.

If You Need Help

Engage, communicate, collaborate!

The Physiopedia team is all about collaboration, we are all equal as both learners and teachers. With this in mind please don't be shy to ask questions, the only stupid question is the one not asked. More importantly, please answer the questions of your fellow team members. We will not always be there to help, especially on busy courses, so help each other where ever you can.

Ask questions in the #general channel in Slack.

Task 1: Familiarise Yourself with the Physiopedia Project

Lets take a look around Physiopedia:

  1. Physiopedia - This is our free Wikipedia style resource which can be viewed by anyone at any time but only edited by physiotherapists and physical therapists.
    • Be sure to read the About page.
    • Use the search (magnifying glass icon) in the top right to search for articles on your favourite topic.
    • Have a look at the User Tutorials, you will be needing these! [Note: we haven't updated these since the website upgrade so some may be out of date!]
    • Take a look at the content creation Projects that we run.
    • Have a look at the other open courses that we run.
  2. Physiospot - This is our online magazine.
    • Take a look at the Research section - this is where we highlight recently published research.
    • Take a look at the Voices section - this is where anyone (including you!) can have their own professional column to share their experiences and opinions with the profession.
    • Take a look at the Physiopedia section - this highlights all the recent news and activities from Physiopedia.
  3. Physioplus - This is how we fund the Physiopedia Project. People can choose to pay to access our online courses and CE/CPD resources, and profits from this service are put into the Physiopedia charity.
  4. Sign up for the email newsletters to receive updates from the Physiopedia project, these are useful as a volunteer.

Task 2: Create Your Physiopedia Profile

Your next task is to familiarise yourself with editing Physiopedia by editing your own profile page.  When you set up your Physiopedia account a profile page was automatically created for you but you need to personalise the information on the page yourself. Your Physiopedia profile is a great place to promote yourself and your work to clients, colleagues and potential employers, it is also linked to from any edit you make in Physiopedia. Remember this page is publicly accessible so be professional!

Check out this page - Editing your profile

When creating your profile we would like you to do these three things:

  1. add an image
  2. add additional text under each subheading where appropriate (you can remove headings that you don't want to use)
  3. add a link (perhaps to your workplace or some published work or presentation).

Also, make sure that you have a go at editing the Source code, this is the special code behind all the Physiopedia content. To edit the Source code click Edit Source from the drop-down menu. Read more about the Source code (also known as wikitext) here - Wikitext Help. Don't worry if you find this overwhelming to start with, it will get easier as you do more editing.

Task 3: Discussion 

All the course discussions will take place in Slack.  You will have received an email inviting you to our course Slack team when you signed up for the course, if you haven't received this please let us know.

Please post your discussions in the relevant discussion thread that will be set up for you in Slack. Look under the channels for each specific discussion:

  1. In the "week one discussion one" channel (#w1d1) - Share a link to your profile page and tell us about your first experience of editing Physiopedia. 
  2. In the"week one discussion two" channel (#w1d2- Following your exploration of the Physiopedia project post some thoughts on what you have learned - what has impressed you the most, what has disappointed you, what ideas did you have to improve the Physiopedia project.

Task 4: Let's Get Social!

As a team we like to spread the Physiopedia love as much as possible through our professional networks on social media.

  1. On your favourite social media platform tell the world about your first week as a Physiopedia volunteer. Make sure that you use @physiopedia and /or use the #TeamPP hashtag so we can add you to the team and respond to you! 
  2. In the "week one discussion three" channel (#w1d3) - Share a link to your professional social media accounts so that we can connect with you. If you don't have any social media accounts, that's fine too, just let us know in the discussion.
And that's it, week one done! Well done for getting this far and we are looking forward to working with you in week two!