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 Bobath approach is a problem-solving neurodevelopmental(NDT) approach for assessment and treatment of individuals with cerebral palsy and other allied neurological conditions.It is named after  Berta Bobath, a physiotherapist, and her husband Karel, a psychiatrist/neurophysiologist.

What is NDT 

  • The Bobath approach addresses the problems that occur as a result of impairment of the developing central nervous system that affect the individual's sensory - motor, cognitive, perceptual, social and emotional development
  • It is an approach/concept, not a method
  • It recognises that all clients with neurodisability have the potential for enhanced function
  • It recognises the need for thorough analysis of each patient's functional skills
  • need for the person's own activity
  • Based on available knowledge evidence
  • It is an important approach to the rehabilitation of patients with neurological injuries.
  • In the United States the Bobath concept is usually referred to as 'neuro-developmental treatment' (NDT).
  • It is based on the brain's ability to reorganise (neuroplasticity)
  • It is a multidisciplinary approach, involving physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.
  • Individuals with CNS pathophysiology have dysfunction in posture and movement and subsequent functional activity limitations.

living concept

  • The NDT/Bobath approach continues to be enriched with the emergence of new theories, new models and new information in the movement sciences.there have been changes in the cocept of NDT and  some aspects are remain the same

Aspects that are remain the same:

It is a problem solving and assessements aproach

Tune paly an important role in movements pattern and postural control and directly effect the perfomence of functional tasks 

Handling is the main methood for better fuctional and postural performences of tasks .

Individuals are encourage for active participations during treatment sessions 

functional training is importants of developments 

Aspects that have been  changed:

Neuroal and none neural components can be affected by tone.

Spasticty is rarely a major source of patient's movements disorders[2]

  • In addition, as the characteristics of the population with CNS pathophysiology change, the approach continues to evolve.[3]

controversy about the effectivness of NDT

there are some controversaries that NDT is one of some therapuetics that should be no longer use , you can read about it more HERE


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