Hip Mobilizations

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 Hip Mobilizations

There are a variety of manual techniques used to increase joint play/joint ROM of the hip complex. Several of these techniques are listed below. For relevant hip anatomy, see Hip Anatomy. Hip mobilizations may also be beneficial for individuals with hip osteoarthritis; for more information, see CPR for hip mobs with knee OA.

Anterior Glide/External Rotation:


Posterior Glide/Internal Rotation:


Inferior Glide:

- Patient is positioned supine, with hip and knee flexed to 90 degrees. The opposite leg is supported on the operator's shoulder in flexion (this technique can be performed with varying degrees of flexion and/or rotation depending on intended effect). An inferior glide of the femur is applied through either the hands or a mobilization belt. This technique can be used for capsular stretching and to encourage accessory motion necessary for hip flexion and rotation.

Hip Traction:



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