Scalenus Minimus

Original Editor - Wendy Walker

Top Contributors - Vanessa Rhule, Kim Jackson, Wendy Walker and Evan Thomas


Part of the Scalene group of lateral neck muscles,this muscle is absent in a large percentage of the population.
Cadaver studies report finding it on one side in between 7%[1] and 46%[2] of the population.
AKA Albinus Muscle, Sibson Muscle.
Scalenus minimus.jpg



Anterior tubercle of transverse process of 7th cervical vertebra


1st Rib and suprapleural fascia

Nerve Supply

Branches of the ventral rami of cervical spinal nerves 7 & 8

Blood Supply

Subclavian artery, suprascapular artery and superficial cervical artery


Acting from above, in conjuction with Anterior Scalene and Middle Scalene: elevation of 1st rib

Helps raise and tense the dome of the parietal pleura


Accessory muscle of inspiration


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