Fibular Fracture

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Clinically Relevant Anatomy

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Mechanism of Injury / Pathological Process

The Danis-Weber classification[1]

Type A is a transverse fibular fracture caused by adduction and internal rotation.

Type B, is caused by external rotation, itis shown as a short oblique fibular fracture directed mediolaterally upward from the tibial plafond.

There are two type C fractures: type C 1 is an oblique medial-to-lateral fibular fracture which is caused by abduction.

type C 2 fractures result from a combination of abduction and external rotation, producing more extensive syndesmotic injury and a higher fibular fracture.

In more simple terms Danis-Weber Classification:

The Danis-Weber classification system uses the position of the level of the fibular fracture in its relationship to its height at the ankle joint.

Type A: fracture below the ankle joint

Type B: fracture at the level of the joint, with the tibiofibular ligaments usually intact

Type C: fracture above the joint level which tears the syndesmotic ligaments. Media:Http:// Follow this link for pictures :)

Clinical Presentation

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Diagnostic Procedures

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Outcome Measures

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Management / Interventions

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Differential Diagnosis

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  1. Lauge-Hansen N: Fractures of the ankle: combined experimental-surgical and experimental-roentgenologic investigations. Arch Surg 1950;60(5):957-985