PP02- Week Three

Original Editor - Rachael Lowe

Top Contributors - Rachael Lowe, Tony Lowe, Wendy Walker and Lucas Villalta  

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This week you are going to review pages in Physiopedia, make improvements to these pages and reflect upon this experience.  

We understand that reviewing and editing other peoples work can be a daunting task but this is how we ensure that Physiopedia is constantly improving and being updated.  Completing the tasks will help to make you a skilled and confident reviewer of Physiopedia content and give you a great set of skills for your future volunteer roles.

Task 1: Knowledge for content review

  1. Read about content review - before you do anything else this week read about the content review process in Physiopedia. 
  2. Remind yourself with our quality standards - also make sure that you have read the Quality Standards document so that you are aware of the quality that we expect in all Physiopedia pages.
  3. Review your literature searching skills - we will expect you to do a literature search on the topic and update the page with any new evidence so make sure you are familiar with these skills.

Task 2: Performing a content review

You are now going to review and improve/update an existing page to meet our quality standards.

  1. Choose a page in Physiopedia to review. It can be any page of your choosing, ideally choose a page that needs to be improved, not one that is already perfect (or we may ask you to do two!).
  2. Follow the instructions on the Content Review Guidelines page to complete your review and make improvements as required. Make sure that this page is awesome!

Task 3: Improving your own work

Now that you have experienced the content review process, consider how you might improve your own page that you created last week.

  1. Reflect on the week so far - consider what you learnt in the first 2 tasks this week.
  2. Improve your page - consider your reflections and make improvements to your profile page and new page as you feel is appropriate.

Task 4: Discussion 

  1. Share a link to the page that you reviewed in the #w3d1 channel in Slack.
  2. Share your thoughts on our content review process - how did you find this process, what could we do to improve it, are you becoming more confident to edit Physiopedia, can we make any improvements to our quality standards documents, does the content review process make sense, what can we do to improve the review process, how can we engage more people in the review process etc? Do this in the #w3d2 channel in Slack
  3. If you are active on social media, how about sharing your new awesome Physiopedia page with your network. Be sure to include a @physiopedia mention and the #TeamPP hashtag so that we can follow the conversation!