Physiopedia Awards Programme

Original Editor - Amanda Ager, Kim Jackson and Rachael Lowe Top Contributors - Kim Jackson and Amanda Ager


Physiopedia is the result of voluntary contributions from the global physiotherapy profession. The Physiopedia Awards Programme recognises and features the diligence and efforts of people who have made significant and impactful contributions to Physiopedia and, via Physiopedia, to the global physiotherapy profession as a whole. These awards also serve to showcase the impact these contributions are having on the global physiotherapy profession.

Anyone positively contributing to Physiopedia can nominate a candidate, and in turn be nominated. Awards are decided by the awards committee and are given each month as well as annually in June.


The following criteria will be considered to determine award recipients:

  • Quantity, quality and impact of the Physiopedia content contributions;
  • Engagement with sharing Physiopedia activity including Physiospot and social media;
  • Activity, creativity, leadership and innovation;
  • Engagement with Physiopedia Team;
  • Overall enthusiasm for the forward movement of the global physiotherapy profession.

Monthly Awards

Every month one award is given to the top Physiopedia contributor, the “Top Contributor” Award. This award will take into account not just content contributions, but also any of the above mentioned criteria including engagement, enthusiasm, creativity, leadership and innovation.

Annual Awards

The awards given annually include:

  1. Top Contributor - the individual who has contributed the most to the development of Physiopedia and associated pages.
  2. Physiopedia Superstar - outstanding contributions by an individual.
  3. Best Project - project with the most impact.
  4. Social Media Impact Award - includes contributions to Physiospot and impact via social media.
  5. Physioplus Superstar - individual who collects the most Physioplus points.
  6. Outstanding Leadership - the individual that demonstrates great leadership as any part of the Physiopedia project.
  7. Physiotherapy Impact Award - the contribution that has made the greatest impact on physiotherapy practice.
  8. Innovation Award - most forward thinking and creative contributions.
  9. Global Impact Award - the contribution that has made the greatest impact on the global profession.


  • Nominations for are due by 1 May 12:00 (noon) GMT in any given year.
  • No self-nominations.
  • Recipients of a specific award from the previous year are not eligible for that same award.
  • Nominations are accepted for contributors who have served within the previous year.
  • Once the nomination period has closed the selection committee will review the nominations and award recipients will be announced on 1 June annually.

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Monthly Award Winners

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Annual Award Winners (2019-20)

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